Perfictio X

The Perfectio X is an innovative red and infrared LED light therapy device, designed to provide incredible anti-aging benefits as well as rejuvenates, tighten and strengthen your skin. Perfectio X is an OTC device intended to emit energy in the visible and IR spectrum intended to provide topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue […]

Sapphire X

The Sapphire X ™️ uses blue light therapy and topical heat to help your skin to look clearer and minimize the appearance of blemishes. Sapphire X disinfects, detoxifies and eliminates bacteria under the skin, by that revealing a smoother and healthier complexion that will help your skin tone to appear more even. The Sapphire X […]


Recreo is a hair growth device that uses low-level laser light therapy to reverse the gradual of hair production mechanisms, and initiates a process of renewal and rehabilitation. The Recreo is a revolutionary low frequency laser light therapy device which is an effective alternative to medication-based treatment Recreo by Zero Gravity is a home-use device […]

The importance of exfoliation

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The power of ketones

Utilizing our N8 MAX NAT™ BLEND featuring C-Med 100®, KETO//OS NAT® supports healthy cell function, rapidly repairs DNA, supports healthy immune function, and elevates essential amino acids necessary for optimizing body composition. READ MORE


Biopeptix is a professional product line for estheticians, beauty salons, doctors and spas.“Evidence based skin care” is what our product line is all about. Our formulas are based solely on active ingredients whose efficacy has been proven beyond a doubt as to their ability to balance the skin’s needs, as well as to prevent and […]